Trip to an abandoned factory in Duisburg, Germany (ENG)

By bus, we went to the Landschaftspark in Duisburg, Germany. Me and my whole class went there to draw. For three full days we had the time to walk, explore, draw and have fun! I knew we went to some place with an old building, but I NEVER expected it to be this beautiful!
There was so much to see! So much to draw. I couldn’t believe my eyes…
After these three days I didn’t had the time to see everything! The terrain was so big. What I did was climb one of the blast furnaces they have there. The highest point was about 70 meters high! Gash. I can’t imagine they had to actually work up there!
Elements that spoke to me were the colors an dlines in the buildings. The grey, brown tones of rust, the peeling paint, contrast in shapes and not to forget the patterns!
I just had so much fun! Best trip ever!