About me

I sat at the drawing table since I was a little girl.

That’s why I decided to go study at the Art Academy.

My name is Angela, born in 1996 and I currently live in a small village near the big city of Zwolle. There is a lot of nature around my home in this village, I like to walk around here, camera and sketchbook in hand. Documenting my surroundings and soaking in all things nature: from trees to birds and from sounds to tectures…

My degree in Graphic Design

I graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2016. I gained experience in various techniques, such as working with interactive and graphic design techniques, (stop motion) animation, and photography. I have also gained knowledge in various materials and techniques such as screen printing, and adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Discovering new materials and techniques is something I love!

My degree to be a Teacher in Fine Art and Design

In June 2020 I graduated as a Teacher in Fine Art and Design at the ArtEZ art academy in Zwolle. I took theoretics courses like art history, philosophy and cultural history. Which I found to be fascinating courses because that is how I learned to study artists who are no longer among us, but also to learn more about contemporary artists. Besides the theoretic part of my education there were also inter-faculty projects and my own visual practice. While following this study I did an internship at a secondary school where I was teaching Visual Arts. I also did an internship in the Education department at the Groninger Museum, where I worked on multiple (interdisciplinary) projects. In addition to these internships, I also developed an educational product for Natuurmonumenten VisitorsCenter Dwingelderveld. Working on projects that combine art, education and nature is definitely something that suits me and in which I will develop further.

“There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity” – Brene Brown

What do I really want for the future?

As a child, you could always find me outside: I was building rafts, looking for treasures with my metal detector, making a daisy crown or even making perfume from roses. I lost this relationship growing up. You know how that works: school, homework, part-time job, meeting up with friends … But by spending time in nature again for my graduation project ‘Sense of Place’, I have rediscovered that relationship between myself and nature. It brings me joy when I think back to everything I have seen and experienced in nature. I don’t want to keep that to myself, I would like to share this with others. I think it would be great to guide people in their process of rediscovering the nature in their environment through walking and documenting those walks with various visual techniques.
The visual process is my priority. You will always have some kind of end result, but the process is what you actually learn from. How does that process work if you want to strengthen the relationship between yourself and the nature in your surroundings? You start by walking in nature (gaining inspiration), then recording what you experience (collecting materials), then creating art inspired by what you see (making visual work) and finally looking back at what you have made have (reflect). You can repeat these steps, mix them up, or repeat them several times…
“Creativity is experimenting, growing, breaking rules, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun” – Mary Lou Cook
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