Document your Surroundings – Winter Wonderland – Online Course in English

THE online course for exploring nature in a creative manner, in your own handmade art journal!


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  • Would you like to start the new year with more creativity? Spend more time in nature? Reconnect with yourself after the busy, or maybe lonely, holidays?

  • Do you love nature, but would you like to spend more time there to rediscover your relationship with nature?

  • Do you like to be creative and would you like to make your own special Nature themed Art Journal, but you have no idea how to start one? How to make a journal and how to translate your inspirations into creative pages?

  • Do you scroll endlessly on pinterest for inspiration, but become overwhelmed and even a bit stressed out by all the options and would you rather use your own environment as a source of inspiration?

Then this course is something for YOU!


Why do I teach this course?

As a child you could always find me outside, in nature. I was building rafts, looking for treasures with my metal detector or making perfume from roses. Growing up, I lost that playful approach to nature. You probably know how that works: school, homework, jobs, cleaning… I couldn’t be found in nature anymore.

That’s why I went into nature for a day every week for almost a year. And what an adventure it was. I enjoyed flying birds, the swinging of treetops, and the clattering of storks. I found the most beautiful branches and owl pellets, even some flowers that are common but I hadn’t noticed before.

By spending a lot of time in nature, I have discovered things and have grown in a way I never could have hoped for. I understand nature better. I can get inspiration from my environment instead of looking for inspiration on instagram or pinterest. I have developed respect for nature and am careful with nature. During my project of going outside one day every week for a year I’ve read about scientific studies that say nature is good for you. But I didn’t have to read it at all  because I experienced that peace they write about for myself.

You can also experience that peace and quiet. That profound love for nature. That way of using your surroundings as an inspiration instead of reaching back to social media.


What you’ll learn throughout this online course:

Module 1 You learn creative ways to use your craetivity outside.

  • I explain the difference between hiking and walking.
  • We are also talking about composition (and more) in photography.
  • Finally, we will collect material in nature to get started in the next module.

Module 2 You learn to document your surroundings with different techniques.

  • Making monoprints is one of my favorite techniques, so you will experiment with it extensively.
  • Then we will do several exercises in sketching.
  • Finally, we are going to create our own brushes with materials that you find in nature and use them to create art in our art journal.

Module 3 You learn to make your own Art Journal

  • It is important to have a ‘ basis’, that is what you are going to start with. Then we fill the art journal with artistic papers and make a personal cover.

Module 4 You learn to use inspiration from your own environment in your art journal

  • We start by making first marks in our art journals by doing simple but effective exercises.
  • I personally love to work with collage techniques, so we will work with collage as well.
  • We will also experiment with useing writing as a visual element in our art journals.

Module 5 Bonus!

  • You will receive 9 tips on how to use the given prompts in a new way. That way you can explore even more!
  • You get downloadable prompt cards (yours to keep forever) so you don’t have to scroll and search for that one prompt you really enjoyed.
  • You get downloadable pages with my photography (also yours to keep forever) to print and use in your own art journal.
  • You get the change to ask me about anything you’d like to learn. I’ll create a video lesson where I’ll explain how I do it based on your suggestions.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

  • For four weeks, a new lesson will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 am Central European Time.
  • Each Module is spread over one week and consists of three lessons, each with its own topic.
  • After these four weeks, everything will remain accessible for a whole month. So until DATUM HERE. Then everything goes offline. I do this so you feel ‘pressure’ to actually finish this course, instead of buying it and in two years you still didn’t do any of it (that happens to me sometimes…)
  • All assignments can be downloaded in the bonus module so that you always have them at hand and can print them if you like to.
  • This launch is called ‘Winter Wonderland’, but it doesn’t have to be winter where you live! If there’s nature you can join me in the explorations. I like to flow with the seasons, it’s winter here so I might as well enjoy it!

How long will it take me to complete the lessons?

  • With three lessons a week you know it is an investment of time. But of course you have an extra month to get things finished in your own time. 
  • You can do each lesson within an hour, some within half an hour. But you can take as much time as you want or need. Everything you give time and attention grows, so the more time you spend on it … the more you will learn and grow.

What materials do I need?

  • Firstly, a laptop / tablet / PC with good internet access.
  • Many different papers to work on (copy paper, pages from old books, sheet music, used envelopes, empty medicine boxes, etc …)
  • Sturdy (200gsm) sheet of white paper in A2 format. (You can also use two A3 papers if you can’t find a way to access an A2 sized sheet of paper)
  • A number of useful tools such as scissors, ruler, glue, tape, pens, markers, brushes, pencil, clips, etc…. (It is not about the brand or product. Choose what you have at home or what you would like to work with)
  • Your favorite colors of paint (This is also not about the brand or a particular color. Choose which colors you personally like. I tell the colors I use in the first lesson where we will work with paint)
  • Monoprint supplies such as a gelli plate (If you don’t have one, you can also use a zip bag or remove a glass plate from one of your old photo frames) and a brayer.
  • Needle, thread and awl (something that gat make holes in paper: not your needle probably)


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