Create your own Art Journal – The Big Pack


Always wanted to create your own Art Journal?

Then you are on the right page!

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(All pictures are from The Big Pack)

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What’s included in “Create your own Art Journal – The Big Pack”:
– The backbone of the book, hand painted and folded by yours truly. There is space for 16 signatures; size 17×12 cm ; it’s portrait position
– 30 papers to use in the signatures. Old bookpages, eco-printed pages, monoprints, painted pages…
– A few collage bits and pieces for oyu to use if you want to
– 4 Pieces of eco-printed or rust dyed fabric
– 4 Pieces of eco dyed thread to use to attach some of the signatures or to use for hand stitching
– Online instructions on a password protected page on how to sew in the signatures and explaining what a signature even is. (Will be sent to your email within 24 hours of payment.)


BONUS for inspiration:
– A video on how I made the cover
– Video and photos in which I show you the inside of my book as inspiration material
– Tips for ways to use the journal. (it can be used for a lot more than art!)


Scroll down to see what I did with my own Art Journal



I was very happy and inspired of the packages of Angela Smit; CREATE YOUR OWN ART JOURNAL PACK.

Angela’s creative and beautiful “bits and pieces” were very giving to add together within my watercolor collages. Special Angela’s Ecoprints with leaves and nature were lovely. It has been fun to add another artists artwork, together with mine.

In the same time : I got access to creative and educational online instruction from Angela

The shipping were smooth packaged, and kindly decorated.

Payment easy with PayPal.

– Birgit