A trip to Berlin, Germany (ENG)

Around the end of 2016 we (me, my classmates and some teachers) went to Berlin, Germany. I’ve never been there, so I was very excited to go.
The week started off great, with a beautiful view from the train.
The first day was a bit intense, we walked besides what’s left of the Berlin Wall…
The next day we visited the Prinzessinengarten. A project initiated by Berlin artists. Such an in spiring environment! I had to make some pictures.
Here you see the artists who perticipate in the project: 
Day three: the day I enjoyed the most! We went to visit an abandoned airport. We had hours of time to spend there, so I walked aroun, taking a look at the details.  Peeling paint, old traintracks, cracked asphalt and people taking pictures. There were children playing, people running and birds flying around. A nice place to relax in busy Berlin.
During the journey I’v e been sketching in my artjournal. Keeping track of the stuff I’ve seen and things I did. I glued some tickets to museums I went. I loved seeing art in real life from Caspar David Friedrich, Anselm Kiefer en Joseph Beuys! I absolutely loved it!