Art Project: Sense of Place

This is my graduation project, it is a visual research project of different locations. With my Mobile Workplace I go to different locations in nature. (click here to read more about it in my Blog) I immerse myself in the landscape. Walking is an important way for me to connect with nature and to be amazed about it. When I am walking through the landscape I can take the time to stop and look around, to take in the surroundings completely. In this way I collect material with which I can make visual work. In this way I try to capture the impression that the location has left on me and share it with others. Working outside is important to me. I notice how the singing of the birds, the wind, the cold, the sunlight affect me. It gives me peace of mind, a sense of place. I don’t have to stare out the window of my studio, I am already outside.

Click on one of the Locations below to find out more about it. Watch videos, look at photography and listen to audio recordings.

Locatie 31: Binnenstad in Zwolle

Locatie 28: de Bramen bij Giethoorn

Locatie 25: Vogelkijkhut bij Giethoorn #Revisited

Locatie 24: Mandensteeg bij Nijeveen #Revisited

Locatie 23: Waterloopbos bij Marknesse #Revisited

Locatie 22: De Wetering bij Rogat

Locatie 19: Recreatieplas in de Zwarte dennen bij Staphorst

Locatie 15: Grootmoeders tuin

Locatie 11: Kiersche Wijde bij Wanneperveen

Locatie 10: Strand bij Julianadorp

Locatie 6: Vogelkijktoren bij Giethoorn

Locatie 1: Vogel uitkijktoren bij Wanneperveen