A peek at the reason behind my ‘Re-connect with nature’ prompts

A peek at the reason behind my ‘Re-connect with nature’ prompts

In this blog I will talk a bit about the Reconnect with nature prompts I weekly share on my instagram account.

What do you mean, Re-connect with nature prompts?

During the summer of 2020 I decided to post weekly prompts on my instagram stories. The prompts help you to re-connect with nature, in a creative way. 

For my graduation project for art school I went into nature for almost every week for about a full year. Every week I would drive to a new location, not always close to home, to walk in nature, gather materials and get creative. Read more about it here: Sense of Place

I learned a lot from this project. I learned that nature follows this cycle, a cycle of growth and stillness. I wanted to give you the same sort of experience. I would love for you to notice the changes and the differences between the seasons, and how we, as humans, can follow the seasons as well.

I personally experienced the peace and quiet nature could give a person. I also know how creativity can bring some quiet into your day. Why not combine the two? Be creative every week and also bring some peace and quiet into your week.

So, every week a new prompt! The prompts can be done in very little time, sometimes you can take your kids or friends along the ride. Have some creative quality time with nature together.

A few prompts

Here you can find a few of the prompts and my results with them.

The prompt:

Document patterns found in nature. 

I actually liked transferring something (a flower in this case) into a pattern. A pattern can also be: bark, reed, a group of flying birds…

The prompt:

Go outside.

Take some paper or an art journal and something to draw with, with you.

Find a few interesting objects. I guess three is alright.

Set a 30 second timer and start drawing.

Go on to the next object.

Draw it in 30 seconds, you can overlap multiple objects/shapes and create a pattern of some sorts.

Add color to the shapes if you want when you get back home.

ENJOY, I’ll look forward to seeing your results.

The prompt:

Create a stamp inspired by something you found/saw outdoors.

Use an eraser and lino tools OR foam and a knife. 

I did the second option ands used some foam.

The prompt:

Have breakfast or lunch outside!

Grab some food and a drink.

Take a walk and just sit down somewhere.

On a bench, in the grass… Wherever.

That’s it. Enjoy life. Enjoy nature. Enjoy the food. Be grateful.

If you like, you can create whatever comes to mind based on this experience.

The prompt:

Create a viewfinder. Gather some paper and a pen.

Trace the viewfinder over on your paper.

Let’s go outside!!

Look through the viewfinder and quickly sketch what you see.

Goodluck and have fun guys!!

The prompt:

Follow an animal: a bird, spider, dog…

Imagine being the animal: how would you experience the world? How does it move? And how is it different from yours?

Take notes: sketch the animal, take pictures or maybe find footprints. Really study the animal.

The prompt:

Let’s try and do something meditative this week. Search for a stone, a branch, or whatever you can find, during your walk. 

Now let’s decorate! Use yarn, pencils, markers or paint. Whatever suits you best.

I hope you can create some time to unwind. Enjoy!

The prompt:

Let’s gather, collect, assemble and exhibit nature’s treasures.

Go outside, walk around the park or forest or find treasures inside. Gather all things you find pretty: look for colors, textures, smells maybe.

Now its time to assemble an exhibition! Find some place to display your nature treasures: it can be a tin box, cardboard, a wall, cabinet…

Come up with a cool name for your exhibition.

I call my museum: We once soared the sky.


The prompt:

Find something from nature. Go for a walk, search your garden or your house.

Now try and mix some colors! Find/create at least three. You can do this with every media you want: colored pencils, acrylics or watercolor.

Thanks for reading!

I’ll be sharing my prompts on Thursdays, so make sure to keep an eye open for them in my stories on instagram!

Check the highlight “Art Challenge” on my instagram profile to see some of the results of people enjoying the prompts.

Instagram: @angelasmit.art