Open atelier route

Together with my mother (Heidi) and aunt (Leoni) we participated in the open studio route of Meppel and Nijeveen on September 25, 2017 in my mother’s flower shop. The open studio route will give you a chanche to show your work to the public, to open up your studio to visitors, people with an interest in art can then come along for a look behind the scenes.
I had my drawings, burnt mandala table, paintings, sketchbook, folder with drawings, and many more on display.
You could call this an ‘in-house exhibition’. Many people showed up, we also had a cup of coffee or tea and a small puff pastry ready for the visitors. This day was great. It was nice to talk to people, and to show my work to the world. Many did not know that I exhibited my work here, especially as a starting student at the art academy, where I will start next month.
My mother had her watercolor drawings and portraits with acrylic paint on display. There was also a folder with all kinds of drawings that you could flip through.
My aunt was there with her homemade decorated┬ácakes that she called “Kruimeldiefjes.” She also gave a workshop in which you could decorate a chocolate bar. Click HERE to visit her facebook page and find out more about it.