TO LIVE WITH water – Mankato

I get the inspiration for my work from nature. Nature is amazing and it’s everywhere, but I was mainly inspired by the areas at the waterfront around the Twistvliettoren in Zwolle. I look at the reflection of nature, of life, in the water. I see how everything is connected to each other, and how everything is going on. I started looking for colors that can be found in the nature that I have spend time in. In addition, water is important in my art. My work is full of organic shapes and lines. Water is alive, it flows and moves. Water, for me, is about letting go of control. Water runs its course and ripples on, every day. Letting go of control is something I also like to do while making my work. I made my own paper by recycling leftover paper from my household. I also incorporated grass into it. Every sheet of paper is different, you never know in advance what the paper will look like, this makes it an interesting and exciting subject of research.