In this project I combine art, education and nature in a product that I made for Natuurmonumenten: the Nature Inspiration Cards. The cards are designed to take with you during your walk across the landscape at Dwingelderveld in Drenthe, the Netherlands. On the cards I introduce the work of several artists and philosophers. I also show a photo of the work. The cards also contain assignments that I created, based on their work. By carrying out the assignments you can experience for yourself how an artist or philosopher approaches the world.

I think it is important that art and philosophy are accessible. I want to achieve that through small assignments. By carrying out those assignments you learn about art and it is easier to talk to people about it because you have experienced it yourself. Art does not have to be something understood only by people active in the “art world” …

I also think that nature is important for everyone. Research shows that by staying in a natural environment you experience more positive feelings. It reduces depression, anxiety and anger, even in bad weather. That is why I think it is important that people come into contact with nature.

These two elements come together in the cards I designed. I can imagine that people can go out with the cards in all weather types, or on a sunny day. That people in nature are engaged in art and perceiving their environment in an accessible and playful way.

Work with the cards at Bezoekers centrum Dwingelderveld!