Module 3.3: Prepare that Art Journal – EverythingArt-2022

Now that you’ve created this Art Journal, it’s time to prepare the pages for your artwork!

In the previous lessons you took photo’s, you sketches, you walked and collected, you made monoprints, wrote poetry, made monoprints with leaves, created a backbone for your book, inserted the signatures and even made a cover! You created all that while looking at your surroundings, at the nature you can find in the local park, your garden or a nearby forest. Now it’s time to take it a step further and work inside this precious art journal you cfreated.

You created this journal with your own art. Despite that, it might feel scary to start working and playing in your journal. You have spend a lot of time in creating this journal, you made it all by yourself! You might just don’t want to mess things up (I have that feeling sometimes…) That is why we are going to prepare the Art Journal. With quick, short assignments that you can work on. by doing this, something is on the paper and the fear of the blank page disappears and makes room for bravery and experimentation.

Create painterly backgrounds 

I like to color the blank pages. Also to give the pages that feel a bit too busy ,or colourful, a white layer (or any soft color) of paint to make them more calm. If you want to give the pages a color, look back to the photos you create in the previous lessons. Use the colors in the photos as inspiration for your Art Journal.

I put baking paper between the pages so I don’t have to wait for the paint to dry. Baking paper has a greasy layer so not everything sticks together. (that does happen if you put paper in between the pages) You could also use a hair dryer, but I think that makes too much noise.

Experiment! Spread the paint with a brush or with a brayer or with a hotel card of whatever you can find. Dilute your paint with water or use thick blobs of paint for a completely different effect. Fold your pages together so that you get a symmetrical shape on your pages. It’s time to have some fun!


I love me some pockets! I really enjoy having extra pockets. We are going to make pockets on the first and last page. You can of course also make some pockets in the middle of your Art Journal, but I choose not to. I probably have to search for my pockets if they are scattered throughout the journal. Now I know: “OK, the pockets are in the front and back!” Nice and simple and convenient.¬†

In the pockets I keep paper scraps that I might be able to use in future collages. Or I keep some photos in there that I really like and can use for a project in my journal.

To Create the pockets: Get paper with at least two straight edges, glue the edges down (only the edges!) in a corner of the journal. I put the open side of the pocket to the inside of the journal, that way the papers can’t accidentally fall out. You can use any kind of tape for extra stability or just to decorate. In the video you see me stick some papers in the pockets while the glue is still wet. I do that to take away any glue and make sure that the pocket doesn’t stick to the paper completely.


Take a dive in the photos you created (or go for a walk and make new ones!). Find interesting lines in them. A crack in a window, branches on the sky, yearrings from trees, bark or grass… Use your favorite medium, or experiment with one you haven’t used often. ¬†

Pick a page to work on, begin. Put a line down on that paper, one more. Create a shape, one more. Until you feel it’s enough. Until you feel, deep inside, that these lines look alright. They don’t have to be perfect, they are just lines. This prompt will help you look at your work and things or lines you are draw to. This prompt will help you to work mee free, because this is just a first layer, you can always work over these drawings. They are not permanent.

Collage it out

Grab your paper-stash. Get creative with your scraps and some glue. Create a background by glueing down some papers. Add collage elements on your most thin papers to make them a little more sturdy. You can add fun, colorfull elements to the ‘boring’ pages, or over the painterly pages you just created! Everything you can think of, is possible.

Goodluck. I hope you will have fun!

Just comment on this page if you have ANY questions. I love to talk about art and answer all your questions!