Winter wonderland

This day started with some beautiful patterns on the window of my car. So abstract, they almost look like flowers.



I went for a short ride on my bike. All packed and loaded with a scarf and hat, weaponed with my camera. I really love how nature seems to dissapear, the image is so quiet, in colours also, maybe a bit mysterious. By butting something on the front (like a branch of a fence) I try to create more depth.



What struck me was the frozen window of the shed when I wanted to get my bike save inside. Very interesting. It has a kind of vintage effect. What happens when I take all the colour out of the photograph to create a black and white image?


I went to the backyard to find beautiful plants I could capture. They stand out in the completely white world.
I undoubtedly love to make close up photo’s. To zoom in on the little details. A branch can looks a lot different that way, all frozen with decaying leaves.



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