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Being with nature

See with your body

At home

In process of time

Experience the peace

The pedestal

Mankind in control

Wax #04

Assessment day #05

Experimenting with presentation #2

Experimenting with presentation #1

I am changing

I need change

A folded mind

Lines like people



Experimenting with video

All that’s left

Entity. Installation #6

Entity. Installation #5

Morning walk in november

Entity. Installation #4

Entity. Installation #3

Entity. Installation #2

Entity. Installation #1

Experimenting with foam

Fragments of life

Experimenting with paper


My deep roots

Together, yet apart

Open studio day #2

Traces of life


Experimenting with bister

Assessment day #04

Manifest: Process #02

Manifest: Process #01

Memories fade


The story of your life

Dominican monastery

Living in harmony

Experiments with bark

Experiments with latex

Collage on wooden blocks


Decaying flowers #02

Vague moments

Decaying flowers #01

Ceramic plates

Mystery of strangers

Wax #03

Assessment day #03

Reflecting on my work

What you can not see

Digital art

Blurred vision, fog

Water droplets

Blurred vision, snow


Assessment ”day”

Abandoned building #02

Blurred vision, forest



To paint on a big sheet of plastic

Fall is in the air

My feelings

Blurred vision

Let yourself be guided by feelings


To paint on baking paper

Pieces from yesterday

To paint on transparent plastic

Forgotten world

Assessment day #02


Art in front of the window


Photoshoot in Havelte

Wax #02

Wax #01

Plaster in layers

Waterloopkundig laboratorium

Humans vs Nature

Dried flowers

Skin in decay

Printing with rust

Painting in the forest


Mysterious frozen nature

Abstract colour studies

The start of my visual research

A walk across the beach

Assessment day #01

Experimenting with light

Kinetic sculpture

Winter wonderland

Abandoned building #01

From this to that

Labweek at school

Open studio day

Mandala on wood

The cute monkey

A day at the zoo in Amsterdam

Rusted car

Drawing some animals

A day to the monkey zoo

Stroll through my hometown

Drawing with charcoal


Trip to an abandoned theme park

Birds in the sky

Treasures from nature

Typography in Rotterdam

Still lives

Encoustic art

Walking in newly fallen snow

Flightcase cabinet

Concrete lamp

The Dutch polder #02

Big Event-Catalog

Big Event-Taste of Christmas

Big Event-HarFest


Mad cat

Flowers like trees

Bohemian brochure


Flowers but differently

A look in my dummy

Assassins Creed Fanart

Davy Jones

The Dutch polder #01


The sweet little dog

Graphic projects

Lino cut

The zoo


Polar bears

Yawning lion