Labweek at school

It’s october, I study at art school for about a month now. I love it!
This week we had a ‘labweek’. That is a week in which we do not have the typical art classes. We can work on our visual research all week. It is al about experimenting, pretty hard but also very aweseome. How can one do this visual research? I mean, what IS visual research…?
I’m a big fan of drawing portraits, what kind of positions can hold specific emotions?


Raw sketches, different materials, more details? Less details? Experimenting is key, so that’s what I.ll be doing this week.



Careful sketches at A4 size, or bif explosions of 1,5 x 1,5 meter? Does size matter with exploring the emotions?



If I use different colours, do they effect the feeling I’m trying to create?


When you look closely at the second portrait it seems very classic. Whilst the tird portrait, the green one, feels more natural, maybe like a fairy.
In the theme of ‘kill your darlings’, I painted those four works above not a an easel, but on another painting I did a few days earlier this week. All the drips appeared on the work behind the smaller works.



I was so enthusiastic with painting that I wanted to continue with that. I chose a landscape and wanted to abstractify it. (Couldn’t love the drips more)



Below some details of the work I made.



At the end of the week I learned that I am focused on feelings and emotions. Expressing my feelings and communicating without language.