This whole project started with a bouquet in my bedroom. I had lit some candles, they stoond next to the bouquet and they created some cool shadows on the wall. I experimented with this and i liked it so much that I made an installation.




The installation was a circle of about 2 meters in diameter, and also about 2 meters high.


The flowers stand in a circle, within the circle there are some lamps that shine towards the outside, which creates shadows on the plastic circle. On some places you can even see the green of the leafs through the plastic.



The thing I like most of the installation are the shadows, i wanted to see how they would look in black and white once photographed (the left row). The pictures already didn’t have a lot of colour in them, so I thought it would be worth the try. After that I mirrored the black and white and made them negative (the right row), an effect I also like a lot.