Dominican monastery Zwolle

From school we were allowed to visit the monastery for a number of days. At the monastery we were challenged to take pictures of the things that give us peace and comfort. To get into the ambiance we got a short workshop in meditation, which was very inspiring. The photos were finally exhibited for a while during the silence festival.


In the beginning I found it difficult to get into it. I was not raised religiously and I do not often visit a church or monastery. Despite that, the large stained glass windows attracted me a lot!


The first afternoon I walked around, I was lost actually. I had no peace and was completely not comforatable and could not easily take pictures in any way.


The second afternoon I had more luck. I started to focus and walked around the stained glass windows that surrounded a beautiful courtyard. I was completely calm and comfortable with myself as a being in that monastery.



Then actually the tricky part came: choose photos that I would like to display at the exhibition. Eventually I choose two beautiful photos. They were very neatly hung and have a beautiful white border.


I felt very honored when the supervising teacher chose one of my photographs to make a digital invitation for the official opening.