About me

I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl.

That’s why I study at the art academy now.

My name is Angela, I’m 21 years old, and I live in a small vilage next to Zwolle in the Netherlands. There is a lot of nature around this little vilage and I love to walk around there, with my camera and sketchbook. Though I am a real winter person, I really like it when the first spring sunshine is warming the place up. Who doesn’t love that?

My Graphic design study

In juni 2016 I graduated to become a Graphic designer. At this education I learned all kinds of techniques, such as stop motion animations, photography and graphic and interactive designs. Besides that, I have worked with silkscreening and all kinds of Adobe programms like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Discovering materials and techniques is what I really love!

My study as an artist with teaching position.

At the moment I’m a second year student at ArtEZ, the art academy in Zwolle. I follow classes such as philosophy, art history and the history of different cultures, what I absolutely love because I learn so much about society. There are interfaculty projects, which are actually really fun. I’m busy with my own visual research. I also was an intern for four months at a high school to teach art. That experience was truly fun and inspirational. Altough I had a great time, I think I would be more happy with giving workshops to older students or writing and designing lessons for other people.

What is my work about?

In my visual research common themes are time, nature, abandoned places, familyhistory and identity. I find abstract work interesting, because you have to create someting from nothing. You can;t draw from life because there are feelings to observe. The researching and exploring is what I love. That’s why I experiment with all kinds of materials; acrilly paint, old sheetmusic, family pictures, wasx, latex, wood, plastic and much more. Natural colours and shades are thing you see a lot in my work, because nature is a big source of inspiration for me. Nature is harmonious and so are it’s colours. I want to visually document my experiences, yet I want to analyse them as well. I’ve alsways been curious to the unknow and unexpected. This curiosity towards the world has brought me to where I stand today.
“There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity” – Brene Brown

What do I stand for?

The beginning of my study at ArtEZ was really hard for me, I had no idea what i was doing the first couple of weeks I also had a bit trouble understanding what is means being an artist. In the meantime I figured it out, bit by bit, and I want to share that with the world. Visual research is the most important part for me. Why? Because proces, the reflecting and the thinking about what you create, is almost just as important as the creating itself. By asking yourself questions, thinking and looking at your art in all kinds of ways, will you learn more about your art as well as about yourself.  And that is key. Getting to know yourself  as a result of your work is pure magic. I get to know more and morea bout myself, and about art history and philosophy. On the other hand am I still learning about society, and because I’m so studiously, this is perfect for me. 

What do I want?

There are a lot of things I want to do. (one of them is travelling, most preferably to countries outside Europe.) I would like to get to know more about myself and about the people around me. Everybody is different and those people can open completely new doors for me. Not only do I want to get to know myself better, I want to improve myself. and maybe also the visitors n this website. Not really improve, but educate.  That’s the reason I will share my visual process and knowledge.  I like to write and would love to tell you more about the things I do and create. Even if it is about the moments when creativity won’t come to me, because that happens sometimes.
“Creativity is experimenting, growing, breaking rules, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun” – Mary Lou Cook
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