Abandoned building #01

A few weeks ago I discovered something called ‘urbex’ photography, it is the photography of abandoned and decaying buildings or areas. The photo’s I found were so beautiful, they inspired me to create my own. So I went on a search for abandoned building xlose to my hometown. When I came across this lock I found a jackpot.



The motto that goes with urbex photography is “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures”. That makes sense and I will definitly follow that motto.



Spiderwebs, weeds as high as my calves, trees growing on the roof, broken windows, doors falling out of their hinges, chipped paint, cane thet is falling of the roof, decaying greenery, wood that is full of woodworm, the emptie cow stables en ewspecially the paece and quiet you can find. And last but not least, the excitement of not getting caught whilst walking this terrain.