A day at the zoo in Amsterdam

“what shall we do today?” Together with my younger brother and parents we went to Artis, the zoo in Amsterdam. It was one of the most beautiful zoo’s I’ve ever been to! The buildings are stunning, the overal image looks very old and elegant, very pretty.
We started the day with a cup of tea and a piece of pie, which I love by the way. Me and my mother alwasy like to make pictures in the zoo, so we walked like most of the tourists would walk, from here to there and back again.


I personally like to zoom in at the world, to see details you would otherwise not see. Like the feathers of an ostrich you can see above here. And an owl, with closed eyes just chilling on a branch hiding between leaves.



And not to forget, this adorable red panda, letting his little paws dangle from the branch he’s laying on.


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