Artist statement

Mijn inspiration

The inspiration of my work can always be found in nature. Nature is a very big concept and can mean many different things. Nature is the sky and the entirety of plants and animals as perceived by natural sciences. Nature is “the landscape”, “mother nature”, “the outdoors” and “free nature”. In these natural phenomena I think of grand forests, meadows near my house, the wind that always blows and the rain that dribbles down or falls from the sky and makes life possible for the plants, trees and animals. And not unimportantly: for people.

My artwork

In my visual work I am working with the experience I have in nature. I immerse myself in the landscape. Walking is an important way for me to connect with it and to be amazed about it. When I am walking through the landscape I can take the time to stop and look around, to take in the surroundings completely. In this way I collect material with which I can make visual work. In this way I try to capture the impression that the location has left on me and share it with others. Working outside is important to me. I notice how the singing of the birds, the wind, the cold, the sunlight affect me. It gives me peace of mind.

What I want to convey

I would like to convey how people can connect with the environment around them. I convey my experience in nature and wonder for nature to others. I want to stimulate the curiosity of the spectators. Many of the techniques I perform can be done with materials that you can find in nature: leaves, plants, sunlight … What can you get from nature? Be open to nature and you will SEE what it has to offer.